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You're never going to outperform your own self-image
You don't see things the way they are, but the way you are.
The truth is, if you see yourself as a 2 other people will not raise your value to a 10.
Is transformation possible? Could you actually change the way you see yourself and the world?
For years I walked through life wearing a mask
Very few of us admit we have a low self-image. (I certainly didn't.)
When just a kid, I was paralyzed by stuttering and even labeled by professionals as "learning disabled."
And as I grew older I fell into an addiction to self-injury and I struggled with depression and even suicidal thoughts.
Professionals labeled me as "learning disabled" because of a severe stuttering problem.
I saw my first psychologist at the age of 10 and up until the age of 23, I battled a secret addiction to self-injury.
Hardly, anyone knew the truth about me and so I hid the way I felt by wearing a mask. I made it through life by pretending, but in reality I felt like an imposter in my own skin.

I wanted to get unstuck, I just didn't know how...
My low self-image set-point kept me stuck
Back then I didn't know that we all have a self-image "set-point."

Think of this as your internal thermostat. What do you know about thermostats? No matter the temperature outside, thermostats are designed to make the temperature inside stay the same. You can light a fire in the fireplace. You can even open the windows. Doesn't matter. Thermostats keep the temperature constant.

But here's the good news. Anyone can reset their self-image set-point if they know the right process...
I discovered a powerful process that set me free
I realized I had been living ignorantly according to my Birth Name and Given Names.
But then I discovered that God had a new name for me...a Secret Name. Sure the experience wasn't always fun, but...
when I stopped running from who I was, I was finally able to become who I was born to be.

(The video below explains more about Your Secret Name.) 
Meet Your Mini Course Instructor: Kary Oberbrunner
I left my day job to pursue my dream job - Igniting Souls. Through my writing, speaking, and coaching, I help individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. I’m the author of 6 traditionally published books and I coach hundreds of authors.
I've earned a Master's degree with an emphasis in Counseling and a Doctorate degree in Transformational Leadership. Through a powerful process involving videos, recorded coaching calls, curriculum, and transformational exercises, I integrate my deep mastery of self-image and identity in each module. Don’t stress though. I present this rich content in a simple, straightforward style so everybody can understand.
Don't go through another day without knowing
who you were created to be
You can't experience true success or significance if you don't know WHO you are and WHOSE you are. To make an impact upon the world you must understand what it means to be connected to your Creator, CORE, and community.

Your Secret Name Mini Course is a step-by-step process to make this desire your reality.
This 100% online learning experience is right for you if:
  •  You desire to reset your self-image set-point.
  •  You want to become who you were born to be.
  • You are tired of wearing a mask and suffering from imposter syndrome.
  •  You want to be set free from your past and live in light of a new future.
  •  You would benefit from deeper and richer relationship with yourself, others people, and the God who made you.
  •  Your ready to live according to the way God sees you and not the way others do.
I went from cutter to author, coach, and speaker
Look, I'm a guy who many people wrote off as average, ordinary, and forgettable. As a young man I was so stuck I made it through life by carving the "F" word on my body. If anybody lacked self-belief and self-esteem it was me.

However, through the Your Secret Name process I've created a thriving global non-profit organization, a 7 figure for-profit business, and 5 industry leading brands. I’ve also written six traditionally published books, ghostwritten three more, and self-published several others (nonfiction and fiction). I've certified over 100 coaches, speakers, and trainers on my content from six continents and over one dozen countries.

I had all this potential inside, but in the beginning I didn't know how to tap into it. Today, through Your Secret Name Mini Course, I help people just like you extract the amazing potential inside you.
Just a few of my books:
Feature interview on the internationally syndicated 700 CLUB, one of the longest running television programs in broadcast history.
Speaking on self-leadership to over 100 nations.
What people say about Your Secret Name:
We receive thousands of responses from participants after we share this powerful message. However, below are a few of my favorites.
I lost my job this week and before that I received news from the company physician that I have some “issues” that need to be checked out sooner than later. Then in the middle of the Your Secret Name Conference–call me crazy but it was a God moment; no other way to explain it. As we went through the exercises, I did not hear my Name right away. Later that day I did hear my Name–it is CAPABLE and not INCAPABLE as the Enemy wanted me to believe. 
Tom, Corporate Businessman
Thank you for the Your Secret Name content. This is the longest I have gone without a bulimic incident—over 3 months now and counting! By going through the program I learned so many deep spiritual things. I feel it helped me in my intimacy with God and my ability to ask God genuine questions. I feel like God revealed His love for me in a new way. My life is forever changed.
Jenny, College Student
I just want to take a minute to thank you for all you did (along with your team) to put together an awesome conference. The prayer-saturated event was well worth the investment of time! God helped me to take a huge step forward realizing His love for me and knowing it now with my heart, not just my head.
Brian, Husband and Father
One word from the movie Braveheart kept resounding through my mind and heart yesterday: “FREEDOM!!! I want to shout it from the roof tops to tell everyone what an amazing God we have. I want to tell you yesterday was one of the most joyous times I have ever had since becoming a Christian. I shed buckets of tears—sad tears to hear the hurts, but then joyful tears to hear the rejoicing of free people. It was amazing to watch people throw off the lies of the Enemy and embrace God’s Truth about Himself and themselves. I heard chain after chain fall to the floor yesterday as each person became free.
Deb, Grandmother
I am so grateful God placed this content on your heart. I am so FREE! I had to shout it out loud outside with my hands lifted God Loves Me! God Loves Me! How freeing. There was so much love and prayer and the presence and guidance of the Spirit. I felt God’s grace being poured over all of us who need to know that the names of the Enemy are broken by who God says we are. It has forever changed my life and understanding of who I am in Christ.
Kim, Entrepreneur
We're all homesick for a place we've never been.
But God planted questions deep inside our souls so we’d eventually find our way back to him.

 —Your Secret Name
Just a few of the clients I've coached through Your Secret Name.
More About Your Secret Name Message
You have 3 names:
  •  Birth Name–the name assigned to you when you arrived in this world.
  •  Given Names–the names you inherit walking in this world (positive and negative).
  • Secret Name–the name granted to you by the One who made you.
We all have one–a Secret Name that is. Yet few of us know ours. Ignorantly, we’re stuck, caught up in the “Name Game,” searching for our true identity. It's time to go deep, past clichés to discover Your Secret Name and the vision God has for your life.

To the one who overcomes...I will also give that one a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to one who receives it.
—Revelation 2:17
Here’s What’s Included:
Your Secret Name Mini Course takes place through 2 video sessions, 2 recorded coaching calls, and a guidebook.
We’ve included 3 bonuses as well.  Each student also has lifetime access to the community and the content.
Here’s an overview of the sessions and bonuses:
Freedom Conference
Session 01
God has a new identity for you.
  • The Name Game
  • The White Stone
  • A world without names
Freedom Conference
Session 02
Time to take off the mask.
  • The Holy Heisman
  • Imposter Syndrome 
  • Psalm to God
Your Secret Name Bonuses
Bonus 01:
Private Coaching Group
A community and coach dedicated to personal and professional success
  •  Lifetime membership.
  •  Access to my input and advice.
  •  A no “nonsense” global community committed to action and accountability.
Bonus 02:
Freedom Conference Audio Sessions
Take the transformation with you wherever you go
  •  Easy playback on multiple devices (smart phone, tablet, etc.).
  •  Master the content by benefitting from repetition. 
  •  4 full main sessions with accompanying guidebook.
Bonus 03:
Your Secret Name Study Guide
Go deeper with the content with this powerful study guide
  •  Participant guide (16 pages).
  •  Leader guide (27 pages). 
  •  Designed for individual or small group book study.
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Your Secret Name Mini Course
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