Speaking Schedule







  • December 26, Epikos, Milwaukee, WI
  • December 22, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI
  • December 9, Delaware Christian School, Delaware, OH
  • November 28, Encounter Church, Dublin, OH
  • November 4, Moody Bible Institute, Recalibrate, Chicago, IL
  • November 2-4, Olivet Nazarene University, Bourbonnais, IL
  • October 24, Delaware Grace, Delaware, OH
  • September 11-December 11, Your Secret Name Saturday Nights, Grace Church, Columbus, OH
  • September 7-8, Grace College Chapel, Winona Lake, IN
  • September 7, Your Secret Name Indiana, Winona Lake, IN
  • August 21, Your Secret Name free training day, Powell, OH
  • May 20-21, Men’s Retreat, Dayton, OH
  • April 15, Otterbein Christian Fellowship, Westerville, OH
  • March 9, Pastor’s Seminar, Dayton, OH
  • March 2, Grace Seminary Chapel, Winona Lake, IN
  • March 1, Grace Graduate Counseling Lecture, Winona Lake, IN
  • March 1, Pastor’s Seminar, Warsaw, IN
  • February 23, Campus Crusade, Capitol University, Columbus, OH


Although it’s early in the process, we’re already seeing a trend:

People who interface with Your Secret Name walk away forever changed.

God is using the themes presented in the book to free people from their Given Names and grant them with their Secret Name.

Likewise, through a praying and fasting community, Kary is seeking God for wisdom on how to steward this message.

Two categories are emerging:

  1. Teaching / Training Events = Kary’s unique tone-compelling mixed with casual-makes him and his message believable and digestible.  These venues leave audiences equipped and empowered for the next step on their journey.
  2. Outreach Events = Kary believes all people (including atheists, agnostics, and unbelievers) need to discover their Secret Name. These multi-sensory venues leave audiences inspired and challenged, pointed on a path of contemplating the way of Jesus and his holistic affect on their lives.

Dates are beginning to fill up. If you desire to bring Kary and Your Secret Name Team to your area please see the Contact tab.