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Your Secret Name is a Life-Changing Message

We don't get what we want in life, we get who we are. The problem is, most people have a horrible self-image. Worse yet, we're never going to out-perform that self-image. If we see ourselves as a 2, other people will not raise our value to a 10.

Many people just wear a mask and make it through life by pretending. In reality they feel like imposters in their own skin.

"We don't see things they way they are, but the way we are." —Anaïs Nin

We all have a self-image "set-point." Think of this as your internal thermostat. What do you know about thermostats? No matter the temperature outside, thermostats are designed to make the temperature inside stay the same. You can light a fire in the fireplace. You can even open the windows. Doesn't matter. Thermostats keep the temperature constant.

 But transformation is possible...        

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The World Needs Your Secret Name Certified Coaches

As a Your Secret Name Certified Coach, we equip you with all the tools and resources you need to help people reset their self-image set-point. Through a powerful process—with you as their speaker, coach or trainer—they discover WHO they are and WHOSE they are.

Imagine being used to literally change someone’s life. It’s a humbling experience and yet as a Your Secret Name Certified Coach, it’s a common experience.

We receive thousands of responses from participants after we share this powerful message. However, below are a few of my favorites.

I lost my job this week and before that I received news from the company physician that I have some “issues” that need to be checked out sooner than later. Then in the middle of the Your Secret Name Conference–call me crazy but it was a God moment; no other way to explain it. As we went through the exercises, I did not hear my Name right away. Later that day I did hear my Name–it is CAPABLE and not INCAPABLE as the Enemy wanted me to believe. 

—Tom, Corporate Businessman

Thank you for the Your Secret Name content. This is the longest I have gone without a bulimic incident—over 3 months now and counting! By going through the program I learned so many deep spiritual things. I feel it helped me in my intimacy with God and my ability to ask God genuine questions. I feel like God revealed His love for me in a new way. My life is forever changed.

Jenny, College Student

I just want to take a minute to thank you for all you did (along with your team) to put together an awesome conference. The prayer-saturated event was well worth the investment of time! God helped me to take a huge step forward realizing His love for me and knowing it now with my heart, not just my head.

Brian, Husband and Father

One word from the movie Braveheart kept resounding through my mind and heart yesterday: “FREEDOM!!!   I want to shout it from the roof tops to tell everyone what an amazing God we have. I want to tell you yesterday was one of the most joyous times I have ever had since becoming a Christian. I shed buckets of tears—sad tears to hear the hurts, but then joyful tears to hear the rejoicing of free people. It was amazing to watch people throw off the lies of the Enemy and embrace God’s Truth about Himself and themselves.  I heard chain after chain fall to the floor yesterday as each person became free.

Deb, Grandmother

I am so grateful God placed this content on your heart. I am so FREE! I had to shout it out loud outside with my hands lifted God Loves Me! God Loves Me!  How freeing. There was so much love and prayer and the presence and guidance of the Spirit. I felt God’s grace being poured over all of us who need to know that the names of the Enemy are broken by who God says we are. It has forever changed my life and understanding of who I am in Christ.

Kim, Entrepreneur

More About Your Secret Name Message

You have 3 names:

  • Birth Name–the name assigned to you when you arrived in this world.
  • Given Names–the names you inherit walking in this world (positive and negative).
  • Secret Name–the name granted to you by the One who made you.

We all have one–a Secret Name that is.  Yet few of us know ours. Ignorantly, we’re stuck, caught up in the “Name Game,” searching for our true identity. It's time to go deep, past clichés to discover Your Secret Name and the vision God has for your life.

To the one who overcomes...I will also give that one a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to one who receives it.
—Revelation 2:17

After our clients went through Your Secret Name content and experienced significant life-change, many of them asked us to be certified so they could speak, coach, and train on the content too. We responded to their request. All Your Secret Name Certified Coaches maintain their own business and branding. Yet, they're able to utilize our "business/ministry-in-a-box" resources to create life change and increase their influence, impact, and income.

Ideal Your Secret Name Audiences and Venues

Our certified coaches have shared this message on six different continents to audiences ranging from 5 to 95 year-olds. We’ve taught it to individuals, organizations, schools, churches, retreat centers, private practices, sports teams, and colleges to name a few. The message integrates perfectly within a variety of venues: seminars, workshops, conferences, intensives, weekly studies, and on-line.

Man or woman, senior or young adult, every person has wrestled with the lies of the labels thrown at us. We all need to discover WHO we are and WHOSE we are. And once we do…we experience the freedom waiting for us just on the other side of Truth.

Our Certified Coaching is Designed around Clarity and Simplicity...

Your Secret Name Certified Coaching is right for you if:

  • You would like to get paid to speak, coach, and train.
  • You enjoy facilitating life-change in small and/or large groups.
  • You want effective and efficient "tools" for your professional "toolbox."
  • You will benefit from resources already "proven in the field."
  • You see the value of expanding your influence, impact, and income.
  • You are excited about a business where you will be your own boss.
  • You desire to be connected to a global community of world changers.
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Get Paid to Facilitate your Own

Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey focuses on 5 modules where you discover who God created you to be and the new name God has for you.

We provide you with all the content, resources, and instruction you need to lead your own Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey effectively and efficiently. Upon going through the Name Change Process your clients will reset their self-image set-pint and have a firm grasp on WHO they are and WHOSE they are.

Our Certified Coaches can Resell & Bundle Your Secret
Name 5 Week Journey with their own Coaching Packages 

When we say easy, we mean it! As a certified Your Secret Name Certified Coach, you're able to bundle Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey with your own Live Coaching packages. We provide our certified coaches the Digital 5 Week Journey at the deep discount of $200 off. This means for just $97 your clients* receive all the benefits of the Digital 5 Week Journey (the Your Secret Name Freedom Conference, the Your Secret Name manual, 5 recorded calls, etc.).

Certified Coaches can bundle the Digital 5 Week Journey with their own Live Coaching services. We suggest pricing your own Group Coaching services anywhere from $297-$497 per 5-week Journey and pricing your own 1-on-1 Coaching Services at $97-$497 per hour.

Remember you keep 100% of your profits for your Coaching Services.

* "Your clients" means people NOT already in Igniting Souls Tribe or Kary's clients. We only offer this special Digital 5 Week Journey deep discount to you as a certified coach.

Here's a sample breakdown of your potential profit for just one Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey.

$497 per member x 10 members = $4997 - $997
(10 Digital 5 Week Journey Licenses)

Your Profit = $3997 for Leading just one 5 Week Journey

Remember, this is your profit for every single Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey you lead for the rest of your life. This doesn't even include the Your Secret Name 1-on-1 coaching, speaking, and training you do. Our certified coaches quickly realize that after just one 5 Week Journey, client, training, or speaking gig, the certification already pays for itself and then some!

Save Time and Money

Creating your own speaking, coaching, and training resources can be a cumbersome process for many people. It often require bundles of time and money to shape these tools into perfection. That's why becoming a Your Secret Certified Coach is a no-brainer because it removes all the guesswork.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can already use our proven path?

Here’s What’s Included

The Your Secret Name Certified Coaching program includes an online portal to strategic tools, curriculum, templates, videos, coaching calls, and marketing materials.  Each certified coach also has daily access to a private coaching community and lifetime access to the community and the content.

Here’s an overview of The Your Secret Name deliverables for our certified coaches:

Coaching Training

Experience Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey

Master-Level Coach, Kary Oberbrunner gives you a front row seat in a Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey with real clients asking real questions.

  • Gain clarity experiencing the content in real-time
  • Gain competence developing your own coaching skills
  • Gain confidence building your own Your Secret Name cliental

Skills Training

Private Recorded Team Calls

Over 100 hours of recorded Q and A calls with Deeper Path author and coach Kary Oberbrunner.

  • Build a successful business through a clear buyer's journey
  • Create your first Your Secret Name live event, 5 Week Journey, and speaking gig
  • Establish an effective personal advisory board

Marketing Training

Tools, Templates, Tactics

Benefit from our toolbox full of tactics already created for you.

  • Recorded promotional calls to invite others into your Your Secret Name events
  • Digital web banners and logos for simple social media sharing
  • Customizable promotional flyers for easy advertisement

Your Secret Name Freedom Conference

Discover who God Created you to Be

Lifetime access to an epic live event with significant personal breakthroughs.

  • Enjoy all sessions are on audio and video
  • Utilize the participant guide to engage in all the exercises
  • 2-day even professionally filmed and edited

Speaking Training

Killer Keynotes | Transformational Training

Speak on stage with clarity, competence, and confidence.

  • Full access to Kary's Your Secret Name powerpoint shows
  • Over a dozen video bumpers and vignettes to spice up your presentation
  • Speaking, training, and preview session scripts transcribed

Business or Ministry-in-a-Box

Look the professional part

Whether you're just starting your business/ministry or you've already been in business/ministry for a while, rest easy because we'll hook you up in style.

  • Receive a customized email:
  • We'll feature your headshot, bio, and business on our website
  • Benefit from our traffic with links back to your website and social media

Your Secret Name Certified Coach Bonuses

Bonus 01:

Private Coaching Group

A community and coach dedicated to personal and professional success.

  • Lifetime membership.
  • Access to Kary's input and advice.
  • A no “nonsense” global community committed to action and accountability.

Bonus 02:

Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey Digital Discount

Ability to sell licenses Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey at a deep discount.

  • Bundle the Your Secret Name Digital 5 Week Journey with your own coaching packages
  • Focus on the coaching and let us do the technology
  • Over-deliver the value by providing your clients with the Your Secret Name Digital 5 Week Journey experience

*Fast Action Bonus:

30 Day Membership to
Business Academy Elite

There’s a myth that knowledge is power, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Without the right use of knowledge you’re left helpless and hopeless. Business Academy Elite bridges this gap.

  • Imagine a video library of top business experts teaching you their best secrets.
  • Imagine weekly coaching calls providing personalized support to your unique situation.
  • Imagine getting exactly the support you need to succeed in building your online business.

Join a Global Team of World Changers

Just a few of our Your Secret Name Team members.

Approved Applicants Qualify for These Limited Spots

At Igniting Souls we open up a limited amount of spots for new Certified Coach members a few times per year.
Potential Certified Coach members must apply and be accepted.

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Don't Try to Change the World all Alone.
Join our Team and We'll Do It Together.

Each Certified Coach is given worldwide certification to speak, coach, and train on the content. Each Team member is considered an Independent Speaker, Coach, and Trainer. They are not employees of Redeem the Day, LLC or Igniting Souls, Inc. Although we support our Certified Coaches, each Certified Coach is fully responsible for his or her own clients, processes, and polices. Redeem the Day, LLC and Igniting Souls, Inc. are not liable for Certified Coach’s actions nor are we compensated for Certified Coach’s profits.