You can’t change the world alone. You need a Team. We call it a tribe of Souls on Fire. Each person on this page has been trained and certified with the YSN message. Connect with them and you will be Ignited. Or pull up a chair. We have room at our table.


Kary Oberbrunner

Author & Founder

Kary Oberbrunner has a burning passion—igniting souls. Through his writing, speaking, and coaching, he helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they are here, and where they should invest their time and energy. He is the founder of Redeem the Day, which serves the business community, and Igniting Souls, which serves the non-profit community. The author of several books, Kary also serves as a founding partner on the John Maxwell Team. He and his wife Kelly are blessed with 3 amazing children.


David Branderhorst

Program Director & Speaker

David spent 13 years as an analyst in the banking industry before God took his life in a new direction. A few years ago he moved with his wife Christiane and 3 kids to Columbus, OH where he discovered his Secret Name in a small group at Grace Church. David brought  his talents for strategy and planning to Your Secret Name, developing the Teacher and Partipant study guides.

David is committed to teaching truth through blogging, writing, and speaking. Rare for OH, David is an Iowa Hawkeye fan.

Desiree Arney

Desiree Arney

Teaching & Specialized Ministry

Desiree encourages others to embrace God’s acceptance and love through an intimate relationship with Jesus. Holding a deep conviction to be authentic with God, herself, and others, Desiree shares openly and honestly from life experience and God’s Word, offering grace and hope.

Desiree is the author of a children’s book titled Once Upon a Tea Pot and is a biblical lay counselor with the American Association for Christian Counselors AACC. As a gifted communicator, Desiree speaks to all types of audiences including women’s and children’s groups. She and her husband Jim live with their family in New Jersey.

Watch Desiree’s story of God revealing her Secret Name.

Elias Kanaris

Adjunct Faculty – Murrays Bay

Auckland, New Zealand

Elias Kanaris runs his own company committed to providing values-based Coaching, Mentoring and Training to passionate, smart and ambitious business owners. He was involved in setting up and running a Christian Political Party as well as a Sr. Consultant in the IT & Telecomm. sector.  But his career has not always been positive…

Told that he was an “idiot” from an early age, Elias self-sabotaged his career and his personal life, unable to fulfil his potential for a long time.  Until he heard a travelling Pastor talking about the power of words.  Elias’s journey to discovery has been an exciting 14 year journey where he has developed clear insight into key areas that lead to a successful business.

Elias’s vision is to positively impact 1,000,000 households around the world.

Sarah Oberbrunner

Sarah Oberbrunner

Director of Events – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sarah has spent the past 15 years in a leadership role for a multi billion dollar company. She has a passion for developing others and servant leadership. She is currently the Director of Events where she is able to utilize her strong organizational skill set.

During her free time Sarah enjoys volunteering for numerous organizations. (Kary is lucky to have his sister on his team.)



Carla Andrews

Founding Partner – Palm Beach County, Florida

Contact Carla

Carla Andrews, President of SignatureLiving, will elevate you in life, relationships, and leadership and will communicate the message of faith, hope and love regardless the circumstances.

As a dynamic Executive Speaker, Personal and Professional/Business Coach and Leadership Teacher, Carla has the passion to encourage, inspire, and empower young and old using time-tested leadership principles.  She  specializes in Corporate, Government, Education, Non-Profit, Ministries, Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Carla is married to her loving husband, Cedric, and has three beautiful children, Bryce, Maiah, and Torrin.

Kaelyn Benham

Geneva, Illinois

Contact-KaelynKaelyn is gifted in connecting people to their true heart placed in them by the God of the universe. She walks alongside her clients and leads them on a journey of clearing away all that holds them back. Her dream for them is that they will be free to walk in the truth of who they are. The Your Secret Name message was life changing for Kaelyn as she was struggling in her own life and now is blessed to take this message to others as a part of the Your Secret Name Team.

Kaelyn is an Author, Coach, and Speaker as well as a Certified member for both The Deeper Path and Your Secret Name. She resides in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Scott and their 3 children.

Steve Broughton

Founding Partner – Bellville, Ohio

Over the last 20 years, Steve has had the privilege of serving in ministries both internationally and domestically. He is currently the Discipleship & Worship Minister at New Life Church in Bellville, Ohio.

Steve founded Restoring Hope Ministries as a ministry of reconciliation born out of his Secret Name. He utilizes Your Secret Name Conferences, speaking engagements, biblical counseling, and discipleship training to deliver a message of hope to those who long to be set free.

Steve and his wife Kristina have been married for nearly 20 years and have two teenage children.

Frances Capoccia

Founding Partner — Columbus, Ohio

Frances has been a nurse, home school mom, and founded Fran’s Living Foods when she could not find answers to her health issues in the medical field.  The Lord revealed to her Genesis 1:29 as the original diet and His way for the body to heal itself.

Through a journey of pain and suffering with broken relationships the Lord revealed His love to her by setting her free.  Frances means free and her Secret Name is Beloved.  The Your Secret Name message has been a turning point for her to be a vessel of freedom to others.

Frances has two beautiful daughters and a godly teen-age son.

Rob Edwards

Founding Partner—Norfolk, Virginia

For over 25 years, Rob has been a catalyst for sustainable change leading to individual, organizational and community transformation as he has led faith-based nonprofit organizations.

He has served in local churches and in military & crisis care chaplaincy. Rob is a certified growth coach and consults with churches on strategic planning, discipleship and small-group ministries, and community engagement. Currently he serves as a Pastoral Care Associate with Sought Out, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA.

Rob and his wife have two children and four cats.

Leandro Fernandez

Founding Partner – Cape Coral, Florida

Leandro founded C4 Leadership Coaching, Inc. with a mission to help people reach their true potential.  The 4 C’s represent: Consistency, Competence, Connection and Character.  The message behind the name really resonated with Leandro because when practiced together, the 4 C’s build trust; the foundation on which leadership is built.  Leandro is a Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

Leandro is using the YSN message to build a ministry within his corporation.  Leandro’s vision is to reach the masses with this message and help people break free of the shackles their given names have become.

Janie Garber

Founding Partner – Los Angeles,


Janie Garber is a Certified Life Coach for women and also enjoys working alongside of her husband, Ken, as a relationship coach.

After years of substance abuse and broken relationships, Janie gave her life to Christ at age 23. This began a miraculous journey of turning her life around. Because of what the Lord has done for her, Janie confidently brings healing to people facing great hardship and struggles, knowing the Lord is the full Restorer of our souls. Janie loves to help people love, laugh and live again.

Janie and Ken love spending time with family and friends and treasure the friendships they have all over the world.


Kim Gowdy

Kim Gowdy

Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Contact Kim

Kim Gowdy is a Freedom Fighter and Truth Teller who helps the defeated, discouraged and distracted walk in a new found freedom to become all they are created and called to be. In Kim’s own life she reached a point where she was tired, burdened and overwhelmed. In seeking out change, she was given perspective on how cycles of pain, hurt and the lies she believed about herself were playing out in her life. Kim is incredibly thankful for her journey to wholeness and for the opportunity to share her freedom story with others.

Kim is a Founding Partner, Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer for the Deeper Path Team and the Your Secret Name Team. Kim is married to Doug and they are blessed with two beautiful children.

Matt Harmon

Founding Partner – West Liberty, Ohio

Matt is a junior at Liberty University Online working on his B.S. in Theology for Pastoral Ministry.

Before and after accepting Christ as a senior in high school, Matt struggled with depression, suicide, and self injury. After starting college, he resonated deeply with the name Unstable. Throughout 2011, God brought significant healing, love, and reassurance of his identity in Christ as Confident. God continues to reveal how his Secret Name is who God made him and empowers him to be. Matt is passionate about teaching God’s word and setting captives free by the healing that comes from knowing who God is and who you are in Christ.

Matt serves faithfully in a number of ministries in his local church, blogs regularly, and is anxiously awaiting seminary.

Heidi Hartmann

Founding Partner – Burlington,

New Jersey

Heidi is a gifted speaker with a deep desire to set people free by experiencing God’s overwhelming love.  She encourages others to discover the truth about God according to His Word and find their significance in Him.

Heidi has a powerful story of redemption – openly sharing how God transformed her life from one of resentment, depression, guilt and shame, to joy, healing, freedom, and thankfulness! Today, she walks boldly in the knowledge of her Secret Name.

Heidi speaks to small groups, women’s retreats and conferences.  She is also a speaker for Cup of Hope – Christian Women’s Tea Society.  Heidi and her husband Joe live in New Jersey, enjoying the gift of God’s grace.

Stephanie Lefler

Evansville, Indiana

Stephanie is an author and speaker. Besides that, she is a wife, mother, step-mother, and nurse. But most of all, she is Virtuous Bound.

She has referred to herself as Virtuous Bound—And Virtually Crazy! But, she loves her life and embraces the craziness of it all.

She has continuously searched for what could possibly be the secret recipe to her life’s fulfillment. And, through many happy AND difficult times, she finally realized the significance that a relationship with God can do to anyone’s perception on life.

Discovering her secret name was part a remarkable part of her journey.

Autumn Neighbors

Founding Partner – Tegucigalpa,


Autumn is a recent graduate from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She has committed her life to sharing the gospel and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord.

Currently, Autumn is serving as an elementary resource teacher at a Christian school in Honduras.  There, she is speaking Christ’s truth and pouring Christ’s love into the parents, children, and other members in the community.  She desires to let people know that they are free and Christ, and God has created each person in a unique and special way designed to bring glory to His kingdom.

Patrick Nsereko

Founding Partner – Kampala, Uganda

Patrick Nsereko is an influential, passionate and renowned minister of the word with expertise in church leadership, counseling and reaching orphans and the marginalized.

Born into a polygamous family of 56 children, Patrick was orphaned at age 14.  His early childhood was characterized by rejection, abandonment, deprivation and abuse which left him deeply scarred.  It was not until he accepted the love of the Father that he was able to rebuild his fractured life. Today, Patrick shares the love, healing and reconciliation he received with the thousands he ministers to.

Patrick has been married to Annette for 19 years and together they have been blessed with five wonderful children.

Linda Outka

Founding Partner – Sioux Falls,

South Dakota

Linda Outka has been a coach, speaker and trainer in the business world for nearly 20 years. She is a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team and is certified as a coach, speaker and trainer. Linda owns Breakthrough Solutions which creates space where people can feel safe to be real. Where people find common ground and new perspective when they are in conflict with one another. Where people explore new insights in places they feel stuck and discover breakthrough solutions that open doors to their potential.

Linda is married to her soul-mate Troy, and they have three children.


Troy Outka

Founding Partner – Sioux Falls,

South Dakota

Troy has been a business speaker and coach for nearly 20 years, sharing on a wide range of topics related to faith, relational skills, leadership, marriage and youth culture. Also, having been involved in youth ministry for nearly three decades, Troy has a passion for teenagers and has spoken for many middle, high school, and college retreats, events, and camps. He has a passion for helping people tear down their emotional walls so that they can become everything they are meant to be in Christ.

Troy is married to his best friend, Linda, who is also a member of the Your Secret Name team. They have been blessed with three children.

Pam Pippin

Founding Partner – Bath,

North Carolina

Pam founded P-Inc after over 15 years of high level, domestic and international Human Resources. After discovering a disconnection from her CORE source of power and energy she reconnected by starting a company that allows her to reconnect to her faith, family, and her community those things that Power Her Potential.

After seeing how she had allowed external situations and people shape her identity, God revealed her true identity in Christ. Realizing the power and authority that came with this identity, she made it P-Inc’s mission to embrace as many people as possible by helping people identify the barriers blocking them from their potential, and connecting them with the source of their intended identity and purpose in Christ. It allows her to be a “true Human Resource” to those she comes in contact with.

Bob Price

Founding Partner – Virginia Beach,


For over 15 years, Bob has served in key leadership positions in business, military, and nonprofit organizations, driving successful organizational transformation.

A former Infantry Marine non-commissioned officer, Bob went on to serve in youth ministry, international evangelism, and Senior Pastor positions. He has over 10 years pastoral counseling experience and has completed graduate and postgraduate studies in pastoral psychotherapy, counseling, psychology, clinical pastoral education, & theology.

Bob currently serves as the Executive Director of Sought Out, Inc., in Virginia Beach, VA.

Debbie Rarick, MDiv, DMin

Founding Partner – Waco, Texas

Debbie is the founding director of faith based You See Me Free Ministries, serves on the board of Life+Guard Ministries and leads various support group ministries in central Texas. Debbie also collaborates with leaders of local churches to empower ministry to the broken.

The message of Your Secret Name will enhance and expand the goal of Debbie’s heart to lead others on their journey in Christ “Beyond Forgiveness…Into Freedom!”

Debbie’s personal faith in Christ and recovery journey are chronicled in her book, You See Me Free: Steps on a Journey of Faith, Through Fear, Beyond Forgiveness and Into Freedom.  Contact Debbie for more information.

Debbie enjoys resting, traveling, playing guitar, crocheting, fishing, and community.

Jeannie Schmidt

Jeannie Schmidt

Salem, Virginia

Jeannie Schmidt is passionate about serving as a guide to people as they embark on a path of re-discovery. She equips others to explore new horizons as they live life for the first time.

Jeannie grew as a leader, coach, and mentor serving both the corporate and non-profit world. She experiences life with her best friend and husband, Dave. They are blessed to live on the family homestead and look forward to visits from their adult children and families.


Gill Scott

Founding Partner – Doncaster,

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Gill Scott is founder of Motive Leadership and a founding partner on the John Maxwell Team. A certified speaker and trainer, Gill helps people increase self-awareness and gain confidence and courage for their journey.

Gill is a graduate nurse focusing in hospice and palliative care, pain management and grief support. She held a dual clinical and teaching role and has deep empathy for dis-empowered individuals, whether caused by serious illness, de-personalizing systems, institutions, ignorance or controlling relationships.

Gill co-pastored a contemporary church for six years and lives with her daughter and son.


Daphne Smith

Daphne Smith

Bentonville, Arkansas

Contact DaphneDaphne Smith’s desires to help others fulfill their potential, to find freedom and hope have been furthered through Your Secret Name.

With decades of experience in the corporate world, faith-based organizations, and the health and wellness industry, she has the ability to relate to a vast array of people from various backgrounds. Being a wife and mother, aides her in making real connections with women to assist them with discovering who God calls them to be. Daphne believes God’s secret name for you is key to discovering, developing and designing a life to fulfill your destiny.


Jim Taylor

Founding Partner – Maungaturoto

Northland, New Zealand

Twelve years ago, Jim was led by God to James 1:27.  Ever since, Jim has been working 24/7 with high at-risk youth at his family home.  He has worked with over 250 youth and has seen many of them come to the Lord.

Jim is also actively involved in the community, secondary school teaching, running programs and working to restore families.

Jim is happily married to Mel, and proud to be the father of 8 wonderful children.

Melanie Taylor

Founding Partner – Maungaturoto

Northland, New Zealand

Melanie Taylor specializes in working with high at risk youth, and is actively involved in politics, having run as a Candidate in the two previous elections.

Melanie is passionate about working for and on behalf on New Zealanders.  She believes the principals and message held within YSN are the key to freedom from past detrimental hurts and unlocking full individual potential.

Melanie is a happily married, mother of 4, who enjoys homeschooling both her own children and youth in her care.

Bradley Vinson

Bradley Vinson

Founding Partner – Irving, Texas

Contact Bradley

Bradley is co-founder of Your Personal Economy, an award-winning author, certified coach/trainer on the John Maxwell Team and financial education instructor. As a YSN certified speaker, trainer and natural story-teller, Bradley incorporates life experiences into a delivery that resonates with audiences while leaving them empowered to conquer elements of their lives that need attention.

Bradley’s book, Men, Get Real With Your Finances… It Takes More Than Money to Win is the proud recipient of the 2013 Christian Literary award for Business and Finance.

Bradley co-labors with his wife Bonita in their financial, leadership and spiritual empowerment ministry.


Jim Watters

Founding Partner – Milwaukee,


For more than two decades Jim has served as a leader and innovator in several Christian ministries including World Vision, World Relief and Pastors Retreat Network.  In addition, Jim has served in the corporate world as VP of Sales and Marketing for an international corporation.

As a Founding Partner of the Your Secret Name team, Jim is committed to sharing the liberating message of freedom available to each one of us when we learn who we really are is often very different than what we have been told.

Jim and his wonderful wife Char live in a quaint little cottage, where they intermittently have the joy of hosting their widely dispersed adult children and three “perfect” grandsons.

Deborah Wittig2r

Deborah Wittig

Founding Partner – Houston,


Contact DeborahThroughout her life, Deborah has been passionate to see others live up to their potential, and pursue dreams and goals that are higher than their current mode of thinking allows.  Deborah motivates others to pursue life holistically: to address not just the needs of the mind, but of the body, soul, and spirit, understanding that the health of each part contributes to success as a whole.

Your Secret Name not only brought breakthrough into her life, but also provided powerful tools that she utilizes to help others realize their identity in Christ. Combined with her experience as a Founding Partner on the The Deeper Path, she empowers people to TAKE ON LIFE, CONQUER obstacles, and awaken the WARRIOR within.

Deborah lives outside of Houston with her husband, adult children, granddaughter, and mother.  For more information visit

Jeana Weiss Mitchell

Jeana Weiss-Mitchell

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Contact Jeana

Jeana Weiss – Mitchell’s passion is empowering others to find their voice regardless of their past. She is an Author, Speaker, Advocate, and Coach. Her book is Soul Pane ~ Finding Peace with your Past to Free your Future

Jeana founded Hands of Help, a non-profit that assists persons suffering hardships. She is called a “Voice for the Voiceless.” Jeana is a member of the Igniting Souls Tribe, Your Secret Name Team, and Author Academy Elite as well as a certified speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team.

She lives on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.


Terry Wood

Founding Partner – Warsaw/

Winona Lake, Indiana

Terry Wood has been a marketplace business owner-operator for 25 years and College Ministry leader for the past 26 years.

His life was interrupted by the Your Secret Name message in 2011, leading him to passionately share his life transforming experience with virtually everyone he meets. Terry is actively engaged in speaking and testifying to the redemptive freedom and personal healing found in Christ alone. Terry works with ministries reaching the homeless and disciples and mentors the next generation of leaders.

He is thankful for his faithful companion Becky and two sons Zachary and Jacob as they share in this life changing ministry together.