under Secret Stories, Written on March 14, 2011

My Given Names sheet was covered with all kinds of names – some old and never gone to recent hurts.

I took the test prior to coming and thought my given name was Childless – but at your WONDERFUL session March 5th, I heard God tell me that although I am childless – that is a symptom of another Given Name. When I explored the other names on my sheet – one name kept coming up – resting on Unloved.

When we explored what God’s name was for us – I heard a voice – still and small say: Cherished!

Did I really hear that? I believe so!

When we explored the names for God – none of the names given to us seemed to fit! Upon returning home, I did a search on a Hebrew dictionary website and found El-OLAM – Everlasting God!

I have yet to read your book – but the information at your seminar really helped me break through some bonds holding for almost my entire life!

Thank you!!