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under Secret Stories, Written on February 1, 2011

I wasn’t expecting such confirmation in reading this book!  God has been moving me along the road to understanding my Given Names…not the nice, socially acceptable ones I have worn all these years…(“merry sunshine, problem solver, peace maker“) but the flip side to those names, the ones that took a toll on my soul (unimportant, last and least, invisible, burdened and lonely). 

It still stops me dead in my tracks to have this book presented to me at this particular time…after all, I had been comfortable accepting my Given Names without ever really looking at what they cost me. I know that is not the case for many, their Given Names are overtly, clearly, hurtful and degrading. 

Thank you for bringing this to me at this particular time….or should I say thank you for listening to God directing you at this particular time.  I am praying that many lives will be touched and transformed through this book.