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under Secret Stories, Written on February 1, 2011

Carol Kuck, Nancy Stults, (a number of other volunteers) and Kairos Prison Ministry took Your Secret Name behind the bars of a Women’s Prison in Marysville, OH. Here’s what Carol said:

Watching and listening to the reactions of over 240 incarcerated women was amazing!  They were awe-struck when they received as something simple as a book.

The residents were shocked to hear that, for perhaps the first time, their identity – their Given Names – were a product of the world, lies from Satan.  What a BLESSING to realize (from Scripture) that’s not what God calls us believers.  He has a far better name for each of us – a Secret Name – that He wants us to claim. 

As residents came to us throughout the day, we saw faces with smiles, some with tears streaming down their cheeks…and we heard:

“I already know my secret name – He calls me BELOVED!”

“A name has been running around in my head for months.  I just realized on Saturday that God was calling me by my Secret Name – HIS BRIDE!”

“I’m called REDEEMED!  It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Justified!” she joked with me as she shook my hand, a smile bigger than all outdoors on her face.

“Do you think my secret name could really be BLOOD BOUGHT?  That’s what He just told me!”

 Still others said:

“Please, would you pray that God gives me a name to replace murderer and bad mother?”

“How long will it take for God to give me a new name?”

“Why does no one love me?  I don’t think I matter to anyone but God….”

 But my favorite: A women stood in front of me.  She asked if she could show me something, then she handed me a torn piece of paper with over 25 horrific names written in pencil.  She pointed to the 3rd one down and told me, “This one my grandmother started calling me when I was 5.” 

“The name was TRASH.”

  As she started to cry, she told me God had just told her the truth, she was now MY SPECIAL CHILD

Of course I cried.  She comforted me with a hug and these words, “It’s OK.  I’m OK now.  You don’t have to cry for me.”

In KAIROS we close each reunion and retreat with the song Surely The Presence of God Is In This Place.  He always is – but He manifested Himself this past Saturday through the book Your Secret Name, gifted in part by special donations and in love by Grace Church and some other compassionate souls.  On behalf of KAIROS and the 240 incarcerated women who were recipients of your love, THANK YOU!  You were there with us!

Thanks for your prayer and support. Your energy helped many of these women realize they are more than the crimes they committed.