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Do you know a young person struggling with self-injury, bullying, or low self-image? Tell them about 5 Candles.

under Secret Stories, Written on November 15, 2012


5 Candles

Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.  

Who – For youth worldwide

What – An international event to fight against the darkness of bullying, self-injury, and low self-esteem in our youth.

When – December 5th, 2012, 8-10 PM Eastern

Where – Mainly online (virtually). Youth can also host a physical 5 Candle Gathering with parents/guardians permission.

Why – We are daily reminded of the darkness overtaking our youth through bullying, self-injury, and low self-esteem. Rather than curse the darkness we have decided to light candles of hope.

How – Every youth can invite at least 4 other friends to be lights in their world and agents of change to start a revolution against the darkness. The 5 Candle event will provide free follow-up tools and resources (digitally) which will equip and empower the youth to start a revolution against the darkness. Our youth need their voices to be heard.


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This event is sponsored by YourSecretName and YouthMax. Find out more information at The online event will include a free prayer/support hotline for those youth in pain.


Free Downloads to promote the event: