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3 reasons to be The Deeper Path STREET TEAM

under Secret Stories, Written on February 5, 2013

Be on The Deeper Path STREET TEAM. The first 100 people only. Takes 10 minutes and get 3 bonuses immediately, including 20 chances for $500. Details here

Do you know a young person struggling with self-injury, bullying, or low self-image? Tell them about 5 Candles.

under Secret Stories, Written on November 15, 2012


5 Candles

Don’t curse the darkness, light a candle.  

Who – For youth worldwide

What – An international event to fight against the darkness of bullying, self-injury, and low self-esteem in our youth.

When – December 5th, 2012, 8-10 PM Eastern

Where – Mainly online (virtually). Youth can also host a physical 5 Candle Gathering with parents/guardians permission.

Why – We are daily reminded of the darkness overtaking our youth through bullying, self-injury, and low self-esteem. Rather than curse the darkness we have decided to light candles of hope.

How – Every youth can invite at least 4 other friends to be lights in their world and agents of change to start a revolution against the darkness. The 5 Candle event will provide free follow-up tools and resources (digitally) which will equip and empower the youth to start a revolution against the darkness. Our youth need their voices to be heard.


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This event is sponsored by YourSecretName and YouthMax. Find out more information at The online event will include a free prayer/support hotline for those youth in pain.


Free Downloads to promote the event:



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under Secret Stories, Written on June 8, 2011

It has been about 4 or 5 months since reading Your Secret Name and I did not have a name……….until Monday (memorial day) morning.


I really thought I wouldn’t get one and it really didn’t matter because I know that I love him and he loves me and that is all that matters. The best part is that when you get your name…… you know it. I wanted to share with you the revelation I had.   

I got up and decided not to wait for my friends to get back from bike riding. I took my Bible and my ipod to the beach and I was pretty much alone,  at least compared to the crowds that were there on Sat and Sun. I laid back basking in the sun and cool breeze.   I was so totally at peace.  Beautiful songs playing in my ear and scripture. I laid back to just take it all in.

The presence of the Lord filled me to overflowing and from under my sunglasses tears escaped my eyes. One of the songs was so so upbeat and I thought  “I haven’t danced for so long… and I love to dance.”    All of a sudden, in my meditation,  the Lord Jesus walked over and said  “Pauline,  you are my daughter…come, lets dance together”    And we danced!!!!!!    It was a supernatural experience,  but I danced with my beloved.    We ended up just standing gazing at the ocean and he was loving on me and I on him.     

I am  DAUGHTER!!!!!!!  

I am a changed person!!!!! I so needed that love and exchange with him and he knew exactly what I needed even though I didn’t. I cannot explain the depth of my love for my Saviour.  Hold me up in Prayer. There is more to this story. I put my house up for sale. He is moving me somewhere. Praise the Lord.
PS.   I even picked up my guitar and started playing,  which I haven’t done for years and years from when I used to lead worship.   

700 Club / Kary Oberbrunner

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Thanks Canvas Coalition.


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