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Is it time you join our Secret Name Team?

under Secret Stories, Written on January 4, 2012

If you’ve read Your Secret Name, then you know how God has used it to change lives. If you haven’t read it, then simply browse some of the Secret Stories to see for yourself.

We believe God wants us to gather a team in order to spread the message. And so, this is exactly what we’ve done. We’ve formed an International team and we’re growing every week. Why not consider joining us in spreading hope to those who need it most.

More about the Independent Speaker and Trainer Certification Program:

You will be certified to speak and train any individual or group anywhere in the world utilizing the Your Secret Name curriculum, products and books as outlined in the program.  (You keep 100% of the proceeds, honorariums and income you receive.)


under Secret Stories, Written on November 5, 2011

I want to thank you for coming to LBC this past week. I must say, I wasn’t planning on going to chapel this week due to the many projects I have due in the next few weeks. But, for whatever reason, I decided to go, and was absolutely captivated by your words.

I decided to go hear you speak on Wednesday night in the chapel, and truly thought that it would go in one ear and out the other, but I prayed that God would allow something you say to change me. I’m not emotional – never have been, but cried when you said to invite God into the painful situation I went through.

I have always given myself the name “Ugly,” because that’s what my mom told me one night when I was in Kindergarten. I was 5 then. I’m 21 now, and have lived with that name for 16 years. I’ve been bulimic/anorexic for 8 years… because I’ve always seen myself as ugly. Wednesday night, God gave me the name “Beautifully Created.”

As I was praying that night, God reminded me of many verses that I haven’t thought about for years… Psalm 139:14-16 and Psalm 45:11. I’m so thankful to have had you here at LBC to speak. If it weren’t for God bringing you here, I would still have the name Ugly. I pray that God blesses you richly for the way you have blessed me.


under Secret Stories, Video on October 16, 2011


under Secret Stories, Video on August 22, 2011
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under Secret Stories, Written on August 12, 2011

I am a Christian who has struggled with alcoholism.  This is something that I was born with and is mine to own and fight.  With God and his spirit inside me and as a member of AA I can put this horror to sleep.  I can’t kill it, but it can be kept asleep.

I have always been lifted in this fight with the strong sense of a mission God has for me.  A mission that can only be pursued with a sober mind and soul.  I may not have a sense of where this mission will take me in detail, but I do know the direction.  My secret name is “Mission.”


under Secret Stories, Written on June 25, 2011

With my birth name meaning “gift from God” and having survived a number of suicide attempts I’m inclined to think God has a special plan for me. The problem is even after thinking God has healed me and helped me conquer depression and cutter, it’s still an on going battle. The enemy brings the same attacks over and over making me feel unloved and unnoticed.

I was once called unstable when I was struggling with depression and cutting but it still rings in my head at times because of the ongoing battle. It’s like I’m stuck in between healing and not yet being that ruthless fearless faith warrior I’m meant to be. I’m still struggling with God like Jacob did, not relenting until I receive my blessing.

On the other hand I think I may be after the wrong blessing or at least one for the wrong reasons. Perhaps God is not delivering the blessing I desire because I’m not yet ready or because what I want will be a hindrance to walking with God. Whatever the reason, I know I need to trust God’s provision even though we all know it’s so easy to give in to discouragement.


under Secret Stories on June 16, 2011

My (birth) name is ____________, I currently live in Milwaukee, WI, and I am almost 29 years old. I don’t want to take up too much of your time as I am sure you get a lot of mail but I wanted to share a little of my story with you after recently obtaining a copy of your book, “Your Secret Name”. So here it goes.

I guess you could say that shortly after I received my Birth Name, I also received my first Given Name – REJECTED. My father abandoned my mother and I shortly after I was born. I did not meet him till I was seventeen, but that was short lived as he disappeared out of my life as quickly as he appeared.. only reaffirming my first Given Name.

My mother did the best she could and raised me in church. I was always the quiet, intoverted kid who wasn’t totally excluded but wasn’t totally accepted either. Sad to say, I think most people reached out to me only out of pity or some “religious obligation”. I personally accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1996 but viewed God as an absent father, much like my earthly father. If the man who helped bring me into this world didn’t love me – who could an invisible being I’ve never met love me? Needless to say, I became bitter and disillusioned with God and Christianity as a whole. I felt rejected by the whole world – including people who claimed they loved me.

At the age of fifteen, I cut myself for the first time with a piece of broken glass. This would mark the beginning of a 13 year journey of self-mutilation, occultism, substance abuse, sexual immorality, violence etc. I don’t know the exact count but it is a fair estimate to say I have over 100 scars (made up of burns and cuts) on my body.

This was the life I lived in for longer than I care to remember.

It was May 13th, 2010 when I walked back into my childhood church and recommited my life back to Christ. And over the course of this year, the Lord has placed some very integral people in my life to support and encourage me along this way. It is the first time I have heard of God’s grace, His compassion, and His renewable mercies for me. I am learning to walk with Him in a relationship built upon God’s Word, Prayer, regular church attendance, and personal discipleship with my pastor/mentor.

But to say that I have not fallen into old, detestable habits would be a lie. I have not self injured in over a year, but other mental scars and fleshly habits have not been so easily overcome. Each time I fall, I rise back up – claiming the promise made in Philippians 1:6 -“…He he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

I wanted you to know that your book and your testimony have been such an encouragement to me. To know there is someone else out there who felt what I felt; walked similar paths that I walked AND overcame – it has really given me hope in my situation. Each day I pray for strength to resist – for indeed in certain areas I am weak.

Thank you for sharing your insights and your own personal journey. I hope, in time, the Lord will reveal to me my secret name – thus, revealing my true identity in Him.

P.S. I also want you to know that I have been recommending your book to everyone I know. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless!


under Secret Stories, Written on June 14, 2011

Something happened today that I don’t know if I’ll be able to type out or not, but I will try. The kids are running around, screaming, but I need to attempt to get this down. I was prompted to finish a free kindle book I’d downloaded some time ago (last year maybe?). I tried and tried to get through it, and though it was super interesting, i just couldn’t. Frequent interruptions, you name it – no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get past 50%.

I picked back up yesterday and finished today. It was about finding your secret name. The one God has given everyone. I really wasn’t sure I had one…but I kept reading. About 75% in, the word, “love” was whispered to me. I was just amazed. Could that be my secret name? At first I doubted. Finally, I accepted and went with what was whispered to me. Maybe it was. I let it sink in. That is what God has been working on with me, so it made sense…but I just thought it would be an actual name.

I was so happy with my name never the less! A name picked out by God! After hearing for years and years about secret names, I finally had one. I sat in shock for quite some time, just feeling God’s love. I read the rest of the book and found out about the responsibility of having to walk in your new name. This was huge, considering God had been working on my heart for so long … trying to take my heart of stone and make it a heart of flesh and then to be given the responsibility of having to actually walk the walk…to love. Oh, it was all good in theory. Now though, it was time to ask for God’s love to work through me.

What was once impossible was now being asked of me. Honestly though, I still doubted. Did I really hear right? Was that my name? Love? could that be it? I even took out my bible…opened it and turned to nothing that made sense. Opened my pink, “real” bible, and turned to “do not test the Lord your God” (in Luke, I believe). I knew then to stop doubting, stop asking for confirmation and just believe. Just believe in His love.

I finished my time with Him, as nap time was over, feeling immensely loved and held.

A little bit later, I was washing dishes, looking out the window and a completely random name ( I guess???? wasn’t sure what it was???) came to mind. Phillina. I didn’t know what it was or meant. Not even how to spell it. Phillina? Fillina? I just knew it meant something…or so it felt like. I went to the computer and googled it…the spelling i typed in automatically was Phillina. It came back as a very, very rare name…but it was listed as Greek, and get this, the meaning is, “lover of mankind” or “loving”, depending on the website.

I nearly fell over – except i was sitting. I knew for sure, that was my name. Phillina. I started crying. It’s so beautiful…and I never saw it coming. I sat there, aware that I was in the presence of Jesus, but unable to do much more than smile through my tears. I couldn’t even find the words to pray. i can’t wait to wear my name, like it says in the bible. I guess my question was answered…and how.


under Secret Stories, Written on June 8, 2011

It has been about 4 or 5 months since reading Your Secret Name and I did not have a name……….until Monday (memorial day) morning.


I really thought I wouldn’t get one and it really didn’t matter because I know that I love him and he loves me and that is all that matters. The best part is that when you get your name…… you know it. I wanted to share with you the revelation I had.   

I got up and decided not to wait for my friends to get back from bike riding. I took my Bible and my ipod to the beach and I was pretty much alone,  at least compared to the crowds that were there on Sat and Sun. I laid back basking in the sun and cool breeze.   I was so totally at peace.  Beautiful songs playing in my ear and scripture. I laid back to just take it all in.

The presence of the Lord filled me to overflowing and from under my sunglasses tears escaped my eyes. One of the songs was so so upbeat and I thought  “I haven’t danced for so long… and I love to dance.”    All of a sudden, in my meditation,  the Lord Jesus walked over and said  “Pauline,  you are my daughter…come, lets dance together”    And we danced!!!!!!    It was a supernatural experience,  but I danced with my beloved.    We ended up just standing gazing at the ocean and he was loving on me and I on him.     

I am  DAUGHTER!!!!!!!  

I am a changed person!!!!! I so needed that love and exchange with him and he knew exactly what I needed even though I didn’t. I cannot explain the depth of my love for my Saviour.  Hold me up in Prayer. There is more to this story. I put my house up for sale. He is moving me somewhere. Praise the Lord.
PS.   I even picked up my guitar and started playing,  which I haven’t done for years and years from when I used to lead worship.   

700 Club / Kary Oberbrunner

under Secret Stories, Video on June 5, 2011
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