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You have to give up to go up. Especially on March 3rd.

under Secret Stories, Written on February 24, 2012

It’s called the Law of Sacrifice – You need to give up to go up (Thanks John Maxwell).

  • Next Saturday at our Your Secret Name Conference, you could learn how to be more free.
  • You could learn more about who you are and whose you are.
  • You could learn more about your purpose and destiny.

But to do that, you’d have to give up something.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Routine
  • Staying Home

But most would rather not. So most people get exactly what they want – nothing. They don’t want freedom, hope, or purpose enough to invest in it. They don’t believe in themselves, enough to make a change. And so they stay the same.

If you’re willing to invest $30 and 8 hours in your future, then join us next Saturday March 3rd in Powell. And if you’re not completely satisfied I will refund your ticket, no questions asked.

Need proof that it’s worth your sacrifice? Read these 10 testimonies or watch this video.

I KNOW WHO I AM – private chat via phone or Skype

under Secret Stories, Video on February 2, 2012


When you know who you are and whose you are the world becomes an exciting place. You feel confident, centered, fearless, and free. On this special evening we’ll spend 6o minutes live with Kary Oberbrunner, author of Your Secret Name, as he teaches us how to achieve greater clarity about our identity.

On this call you’ll discover:

  • An ancient promise which reveals that you have a new name written on a white stone
  • The difference between your Birth Name, your Given Names, and Your Secret Name
  • How men and women differ in their strategies to win at the “Name Game”
  • How to overcome the chronic personal pain in your life
  • How to tap into your true potential and step into the destiny your Creator designed for you
  • How modern movies give us a glimpse into the story of Your Secret Name
  • A community who believes in you and shares your passion for personal development

Join us for a complimentary chat (landline, cell, or skype). When you register for this exclusive event we’ll send you our private phone number ( and/or instructions how to log in with skype.


Yesterday is ashes. Tomorrow is wood. Today burns brightly. -Old Eskimo Proverb

Your Secret Name Team – pull up a chair

under Secret Stories, Video on January 28, 2012

You can’t change the world alone. You need a Team. We call it a tribe of Souls on Fire. Pull up a chair. We have room at our table. Click the certification tab for more information.

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Is it time you join our Secret Name Team?

under Secret Stories, Written on January 4, 2012

If you’ve read Your Secret Name, then you know how God has used it to change lives. If you haven’t read it, then simply browse some of the Secret Stories to see for yourself.

We believe God wants us to gather a team in order to spread the message. And so, this is exactly what we’ve done. We’ve formed an International team and we’re growing every week. Why not consider joining us in spreading hope to those who need it most.

More about the Independent Speaker and Trainer Certification Program:

You will be certified to speak and train any individual or group anywhere in the world utilizing the Your Secret Name curriculum, products and books as outlined in the program.  (You keep 100% of the proceeds, honorariums and income you receive.)


under Secret Stories, Written on November 5, 2011

I want to thank you for coming to LBC this past week. I must say, I wasn’t planning on going to chapel this week due to the many projects I have due in the next few weeks. But, for whatever reason, I decided to go, and was absolutely captivated by your words.

I decided to go hear you speak on Wednesday night in the chapel, and truly thought that it would go in one ear and out the other, but I prayed that God would allow something you say to change me. I’m not emotional – never have been, but cried when you said to invite God into the painful situation I went through.

I have always given myself the name “Ugly,” because that’s what my mom told me one night when I was in Kindergarten. I was 5 then. I’m 21 now, and have lived with that name for 16 years. I’ve been bulimic/anorexic for 8 years… because I’ve always seen myself as ugly. Wednesday night, God gave me the name “Beautifully Created.”

As I was praying that night, God reminded me of many verses that I haven’t thought about for years… Psalm 139:14-16 and Psalm 45:11. I’m so thankful to have had you here at LBC to speak. If it weren’t for God bringing you here, I would still have the name Ugly. I pray that God blesses you richly for the way you have blessed me.


under Secret Stories, Video on October 16, 2011


under Secret Stories, Written on October 1, 2011

Every second of every single day, is a battle. A battle between myself and society, and often a battle within my own mind.

All I can do is pray, and hope for happier times to come around, to lift me out of this dark period of my life. It was only by God’s grace that I found him in my heart. It was something that came to me so quickly, and is still something very new to my life. I may not be the best Christian, but I know in my heart that I have God’s love, and if I am with him, he will always help and guide me.

To the world I may be depressed, but in God’s eyes I am hope. I may be known as Gay to this world, but in his eyes, I am complete.

Resistance Movement

under Secret Stories, Written on September 21, 2011

A “Hard Rock” group (Resistance Movement) emailed me recently and told me that Your Secret Name inspired them to write a new song called Secret Name. Although this style might not be your norm, I encourage you to check out their new album The Great Constant.

The lyrics to the song are below. Or you can find them on Facebook or MySpace

Secret Name

I can see the lights muffled bright
Off in the Distance
Try as I might, Dig in my heels
I can’t resist them
I can feel the wind Rushing fast
I’ve closed my eyes dear
Here take my hand, hold it so tight
I’m not sure where we’re going
Consider this: we are what we do
We are what we’ve done
All the things we’ve said
Will tell us if we’re dead
So if we reach that place
The place amongst the living
Will you keep us there?
We’re here for the saving
My heart has things
Worth undoing
Both my lungs
Have started losing

I’ll ignore the Labels
I will turn the tables
I won’t stay the same
Hear my secret name


under Secret Stories, Video on August 22, 2011
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under Secret Stories, Written on August 12, 2011

I am a Christian who has struggled with alcoholism.  This is something that I was born with and is mine to own and fight.  With God and his spirit inside me and as a member of AA I can put this horror to sleep.  I can’t kill it, but it can be kept asleep.

I have always been lifted in this fight with the strong sense of a mission God has for me.  A mission that can only be pursued with a sober mind and soul.  I may not have a sense of where this mission will take me in detail, but I do know the direction.  My secret name is “Mission.”